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Legacy Dance Championships

2013 / 2014 Rules







Entries will be accepted on a first come, first served basis and will be limited to the amount of performance time available. When our events reach their capacity we do stop accepting entries, so please send your entries in early. Certified funds, cash, or credit card must pay entries not paid in full 2 weeks prior to competition date or they will not be permitted to compete.


Legacy wants to provide a positive experience for everyone that attends our events. To assist us in achieving this goal, it is expected that every member of competing studios (directors, teachers, students and parents) will be courteous and supportive of each other in a manner that displays respect for the Art of Dance.

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Entry Guidelines

Types of Entries: Solo, Duet/Trio, Small Groups (4 – 9 dancers), Large Groups (10 – 16 dancers), Lines (17 + dancers), Productions (20 + dancers) and Extended (any “group” routine that exceeds our standard time limits).


*Advanced Soloists are limited to 3 entries and must be in different categories of competition, their highest score only is eligible for the Top 10.

*Intemediate Soloists are limited to 2 entries and must be in different categories of competition, their highest score only is eligible for the Top 10.

*Novice Soloists are limited to 1 entries and must be in different categories of competition, their highest score only is eligible for the Top 10.

 *****3 Levels of Competition*****
As we are always striving to keep every dancers competition experience positive and inspirational, we have 3 competitive division to level the playing field even more. The Competition Divisions are now Novice, Intermediate and Advanced. In the Mini age division there are 2 levels, Mini-Novice & Mini-Competitive

Novice Division:
Dancers with little or no competitive experience, dancing 3 hours or less per week (including rehearsal time and all dance categories), may enter this Division. There will be no cash prizes in this division. There will be a presentation of top scores only. These scores will not count toward the Legacy Award. Novice entries are not eligible to participate in our “Showdown of the Legends” (final dance off) at National Finals.

Intermediate Division:
Dancers that study 6 hours or less per week (including rehearsal time and all dance categories) should consider this Division. These scores will count toward the Legacy Award and will receive cash awards, subject to the cash award rules. Intermediate entries will have their own “Showdown of the Legends” (final dance off) at our National Finals as long as 100 Intermediate group entries are registered for the event. If this number is not attained, the Intermediate Division winners will compete against the Advanced Division winners in our “Showdown of the Legends” dance off.

Advanced Division:
Dancers who study 6 hours or more per week (including rehearsal time and all dance categories) should be considered for this Division. Any dancer competing in this division may not compete in the Novice Divisions. These scores will count toward the Legacy Award and will receive cash awards, subject to the cash award rules.

**When determining the competitive level of a dancer, please keep in mind you can only choose one of our five levels, in other words a dancer cannot be Intermediate in one dance style and Advanced in another. The level you place a dancer on your student performer list in our online system will carry through every dance he or she is in. 

Mini-Novice Division:
We suggest all Mini competitors age or average age 6 & under compete in this division. This, of course, is totally up to the studio owner/competition team directors’ discretion.

Mini-Competitive Division:
We suggest all Mini competitors age or average age 7 & 8 compete in this division, regardless of hours of study. This, of course, is totally up to the studio owner/competition team directors’ discretion

**Please note that it is not mandatory for you to enter the Novice or Intermediate Divisions based on our suggested hours of study & rehearsal per week. These Divisions have been formed for those of you that wish to compete on a more level playing field. It is not our intention to suggest that a dancers or groups level should be based solely on our recommendations of study & rehearsal time, therefore the Intermediate & Advanced Divisions are open to ALL regardless of hours of study and is at the sole discretion of the studio owner/competition team director.

*Because NO competition can possibly know how many hours a child dances or for how many years they have danced, teachers are left to their own sound judgment when entering routines and each dancers level. The judges or Legacy management may elevate routines that are obviously under-placed. All decisions are final. Routines that are elevated will be exempt from our “mixed group” percentage rule.

*In a mixed Level Trio or Group routine, at least 51% of the dancers must be from the Division they are competing in. If a mixed level Duet or Group equates to 50% then they must compete in the higher level.  In the case of mixing 3 levels, the highest percentage will prevail unless you specify an elevated Division. If this happens with a trio you must obviously choose between Intermediate or Advanced. All the rules above apply to mixed Mini-Novice routines as well. Violation of these rules will result in disqualification of the subject routine from the top ten. Legacy or the studio may move a routine to the proper Division prior to the performance of the routine to correct a placement error. Remember that Advanced Division Dancers cannot compete in the Novice Division.

*Soloists may only perform in one Division.

*If you do not select a Division, you will automatically be placed in the Advanced Division or Mini-Competitive Division if it is a Mini entry.

*Any Advanced routine scoring less than Gold points at a regional event may move down to the Intermediate Division for Nationals. Please be extra careful with your Division placement if you are attending a national event

*Here are some additional situations to consider:

1. Just because your studio has more than one competition team, does not mean that one of the teams has to be placed in the Intermediate Division. It is possible that both teams could/should be entered in the Advanced or Intermediate Division. Our levels should not be used as a tool to simply keep your groups from competing against one another. Each group placement should be based upon the qualifications of that team.

2. The spirit and intent of our Competition Divisions is to provide dancers with the opportunity to compete against other dancers with similar experience and training. It is NOT designed so that Advanced dancers can win more categories.

3. If you have any questions regarding placement or any other rule, please feel free to email or call us, we are always happy to help.

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Performance Categories: Acro/Gym, Ballet/Pointe, Character, Contemporary/Modern, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Lyrical, Musical Theater, Song & Dance/Vocal, Specialty (our “open” category), Tap, Teacher, “The Legacy Zone” (Parents Category. All contestants must be 20 years or older), “Wild Card” (another “open” type category)

Age Divisions: Mini (Ages 3 – 8), Petite (Ages 9 – 10), Junior (Ages 11 – 12), Teen (Ages 13 – 15), Senior (Ages 16 -19), and Open (Ages 20 and up. Not eligible for cash prizes).


***Please Note NEW Time Limits***

Time Limits: Solos, Duet/Trios and Small Groups (3 Minutes), Large Groups (4 Minutes), Lines (5 Minutes),  Productions (6 Minutes) and Extended (any group that exceeds our standard time limits. Solos & Duet/Trio are NOT eligible for time extensions). Small Group Extended (Max. Time Limit 4 Minutes), Large Group Extended (Max. Time Limit 5 Minutes), Line Extended (Max. Time Limit 6 Minutes) Productions Extended (Max. Time Limit 8 Minutes), time limits will be strictly adhered to. A deduction of one-half (.5) point for every 10 seconds or portion thereof in excess of the time limit will be made. Extending a routine will incur an additional $5- fee per dancer in said routine.

*NEW* Extended Time Limits:  Small groups will be allowed a double extension for a Max. Time Limit of 5 Minutes.  Large Groups will be allowed a double extension for a Max. Time Limit of 6 Minutes and Lines will be allowed a triple extension for a Max. Time Limit of 8 Minutes. Keep in mind that time extensions incur additional fees. Please see entry fees..

Age & Avg. Age Calculation: With the exception of Soloists, all ages will be determined by Legacy's National birth date of June 1, 2014  For regional events, Soloists will compete at their age as of the first day of competition, however, for our National event, soloists ages will be determined by our National birth date of June 1, 2014.

Example: If Paula is 12 at our Regional event, but turns 13 before June 1, 2014, she will compete in the 12 year old age division as a soloist, however, her age for determining the avg. age of Duet/Trio or group entries at this Regional event will be 13. At Nationals, she will also have to solo in the 13 year old age division. If Paula were born June 1st or later, then she would remain 12 years old at Nationals as well as in avg. age calculation.

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The following will apply to all types of Duet/Trio and Group entries regardless of average age: Duet/Trio and Group entries that consist of dancers with different ages, will be allowed to compete only one age division down from the age of the oldest dancer in that entry, regardless of the groups average age.

Example: A group with an average age of 10.49 has a 13 year old dancing with them. This group will compete in the Junior Age division at 11, which is one age division lower than the oldest dancer, even though their average age is in the Petite division. If the oldest dancer in that group were 16 years of age, said group would have to compete in the Teen Age division at 13, even though their average age of 10.49 is still in the Petite Age division. Also: The youngest dancer in the group must perform in at least 50% of the routine. These rules will be strictly enforced.

Names, ages, birth dates and competitive level of all contestants must appear on entries or they will not be accepted. Contestants will be responsible for producing proof of age to the competition directors should a question arise.

Determining Avg. Age: Once you have determined the national age of all dancers in your duet/trio, group, line or production entry, add their ages together and divide by the number of dancers in said entry. Drop all decimal points. Do not round up or down.

Example: Paula’s National Age is 13, Dylan’s is 13 and Aidan’s is 12. Their duet/trio avg. age is 12.67. Drop the decimal points and they will compete in the 12 year old age division. Please keep in mind our rule about D/T’s & Groups with mixed age divisions only being able to compete 1 age division down from the oldest dancer. Worried about messing up? Don’t be, our computer program will catch any error and place your entry in the proper Age Division.

Note: All entries are eligible to compete “up” in age & division at the discretion of their competition director, however, at no time is any entry ever allowed to compete “down” in age or division.

Category Interpretation/Definition: Is left to the discretion of the studio owner/choreographer at the time of entry. For scoring purposes only, our judges panel reserves the right to place a routine in a more appropriate category.

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General Guidelines

*NEW* The Tap and Jazz dance Categories may now contain up to 3 Acro / Gym Tricks: A .5 point deduction per judge will be made for each trick exceeding the 3 trick limit

Acro/Gym tricks are not permitted in the Ballet/Pointe Category: The only exceptions to this are forward, backward and shoulder rolls. Tricks in lifts are permitted as well (a lift being defined as being supported by another dancer with any body part). Infraction of the “trick rule” will result in a ½-point deduction per judge. If in doubt, feel free to give us a shout.

Acro/Gym: A routine containing blended choreography between gymnastic passes and acrobatic moves such as, but not limited to: chest rolls, handstands, limbers, walkovers, tumbling passes, etc.

Ballet/Pointe: A routine containing classical steps and movement utilizing Ballet and/or Pointe technique. Performers must use Ballet or Pointe shoes. No acro tricks or tumbling passes permitted.

Character: A routine portraying a recognizable character(s), stereotype(s) or ethnic/folk dance throughout. Can incorporate either dance or acrobatic techniques.

Contemporary/Modern: A routine incorporating Ballet, Modern and/or Jazz techniques, while pushing the envelope of the Jazz standard vocabulary. Up to 3 acro tricks allowed which must be used to further the choreography and remain in the context of the routine. No tumbling passes permitted.

Hip Hop: A routine definitely utilizing street, funk and urban style Jazz techniques. Up to 3 acro tricks and tumbling passes are permitted.

Jazz: A routine utilizing primarily Jazz technique. Could be upbeat, or could be slow & bluesy. Up to 3 acro / gym tricks are permitted.

Lyrical: A routine using choreography based on the interpretation of lyrics. The routine should emphasize communication with the performers audience, incorporating strength and control while utilizing Ballet and Jazz techniques. Up to 3 acro tricks allowed which must be used to further the choreography and remain in the context of the routine. No tumbling passes permitted.

Musical Theater: A routine featuring any style of dance interpreting a song from a Broadway Show, Theatrical Event, or Movie Musical. Up to 3 acro tricks and 1 tumbling pass permitted.

Song & Dance/Vocal Routines: Legacy will provide only one “hand held” microphone for these routines, however, you may use your own wireless mics/headsets provided it is cleared by the Legacy staff prior to the event and is set up and tested before the event begins. Legacy cannot be held liable for loss, damage or performance of your personal equipment.

Specialty: Any routine incorporating any of our performance categories or combination of categories, “The Legacy Zone” excluded, or any other style of dance not listed (i.e. clogging, drill team, etc). Unlimited acro tricks & tumbling passes are permitted.

Tap: A routine utilizing Tap technique and primarily featuring tap work. Pre-recorded Tap sounds are not preferred and may result in lower scores from our judges. Up to 3 acro / gym tricks are permitted.

“Wild Card”: Another specialty/open type category where almost anything goes. Rules are the same as our Specialty category.

Teacher: Any one person 20 years of age or older that competes in any entry type, (Solo, D/T, Groups), who are teachers or professional dancers and/or who have ever been teachers or professional dancers are to compete in this category. There will be no exceptions. Entry types may compete in any of the above listed performance categories; however, there will be no age divisions. All Teacher entries will compete against each other for their own Top 10 recognition provided there are more than 2 entries. Teacher routines are not eligible for cash prizes. If it is found that any entry meets the above criteria, it will automatically be entered in the teacher performance category.

“The Legacy Zone”: Parents and/or Grandparents, who wish to “showcase” their talents on the Legacy stage in any style of dance, are more than welcome. In fact, we encourage them to do so. Legacy requirements are simple: They may compete as groups/lines/ or productions. Parents in the routine must be at least 20 years of age or older and teachers are not permitted in the entry. Legacy Zone entries are not eligible for cash prizes, although they will have their own Top 10. All Legacy Zone entries will compete against each other regardless of age, group size, or style of dance and will be scored under the recreational point system as seen below. After all, this entire category is about having fun. Above all else, we ask our Legacy Zone contestants to acknowledge that they are about to be introduced to a world that was once dominated only by their children… a realm void of maturity as they know it… they are about to enter … “The Legacy Zone!”

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Entry Fees

Your Studio must be registered online to view entry fees.

Double and Triple Extended Fees: Extended Fees are determined by units of 60 seconds or portions thereof over our standard time limits, except where Productions are concerned. Double extended is $10 additional per dancer. Triple extended is $15 additional per dancer.

Entry fees are due 30 days prior to the first day of competition and are to be paid on one studio check made payable to Legacy Dance Championships. No refunds after the deadline date. Entries received after the deadlines are subject to a 10% late fee for Groups and a $10 late fee for Solos & D/T’s. Late entries must be paid by certified funds and might not be listed in the program. Canadian funds/checks are not accepted – please pay with Bank Check, Money Order or Cashiers/Certified Check in U.S. Funds only. Certified funds, cash, or credit card must pay entries not paid in full 2 weeks prior to competition date or they will not be permitted to compete.


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Adjudication / Awards

Adjudication: Legacy will provide only competent judges. Our panel will consist of teachers, choreographers, and working professionals that are well versed in all categories of dance. They will also have an understanding of what it takes to choreograph for children, and mold them from a young age thru adult. Routines will be scored and audio critiqued from each judge. The judge's scores & critique CD’s will be released to the STUDIO DIRECTOR ONLY after your studios last routine is performed. In the event an authorized representative is needed from the studio to receive scores and critique CD’s, our National Headquarters will need to be notified by the director prior to the event. The scores and comments of the judges do not necessarily represent the opinions of Legacy’s directors or its staff. The judges will base their score on the following criteria:

Overall Appearance


Awards: Medals are adjudicated based on the following point system:

Mini Division
Novice Competitive
Platinum 270-300.00 279-300.00
Elite Gold 264-269.99 273-278.99
Gold 258-263.99 268-272.99
High Silver 246-257.99 255-267.99
Silver 225-245.99 234-254.99

Petite & Junior Divisions
Novice Intermediate Advanced
Platinum 273-300.00 279-300.00 285-300.00
Elite Gold 267-272.99 273-278.99 279-284.99
Gold 261-266.99 268-272.99 270-278.99
High Silver 249-260.99 255-267.99 261-269.99
Silver 228-248.99 234-254.99 240-260.99

Teen, Senior & Open Divisions
Novice Intermediate Advanced
Platinum 279-300.00 285-300.00 291-300.00
Elite Gold 273-278.99 279-284.99 285-290.99
Gold 268-272.99 270-278.99 276-284.99
High Silver 255-267.99 261-269.99 267-275.99
Silver 234-254.99 240-260.99 246-266.99

Ties will only be broken to determine overall placement in the Top 10 for each entry type and age division. See Top 10. All entries will be presented with 1 Trophy for their placement of Platinum, Elite Gold, Gold, High Silver or Silver. All performers in duet/trio or group entries will also receive a ribbon to commemorate their medal placement in the 12 & under age divisions or a Legacy Bracelet in the 13 & over age divisions.

Studio Directors will receive a Legacy Regional Plaque commemorating their studios achievements during that competing cities event. Plaques will contain the names of all group entries accompanied with their placements and will be presented onstage during our final group awards ceremony. Please note that these Memorial Plaques will only be presented to Studio Directors with Group Entries.

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Mr. & Miss Legacy

All Advanced soloists in the mini, petite, junior, teen & senior age divisions receive automatic entry into our title category. Novice & Intermediate dancers are NOT eligible for title. At each Regional event, the judges’ panel will determine the soloist who displays the best overall performance by one female and one male dancer in the Mini, Petite, Junior, Teen and Senior Age Divisions. Title winners are selected by different judging criteria. Overall performance and showmanship take precedence in the Title category, although an elite gold medal score must be achieved to qualify for the title. It is not uncommon for the High Score soloist to not win Title. Title recipients will receive a trophy, special Legacy Hoodie and the coveted title:

"Mr. Legacy or Miss Legacy"

The Top 10

The Top 10 for all entry types (see entry types), competitive divisions (Novice, Intermediate & Advanced) and the overall ”Highest Score” for each age division (see age divisions), will be presented as long as there are more then 2 entries in the category and an elite gold medal is achieved. All ties will be broken in the Top 10. In the event of a tie the technique score will break the tie. If this does not break the tie, we then go to the execution/musicality scores. At this point, if there is still a tie, the judges’ panel will determine the winner. The judges’ decision is final.

Prize Money

There must be at least 5 entries in a category to receive a cash prize award. Legacy reserves the right to combine categories or levels to create prize breaks. All Novice entries and all Intermediate entries beyond the 5 required for a cash award will be counted toward Advance division totals, assuming there are Advanced entries.

For Cash Prize Awards Please See Legacy Cash Prize Chart For Details.

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 "The Legacy Award"

At each Regional & National event, every competing studio’s Top 5 Highest Scores from the group segment of competition in the combined age divisions of Petite/Junior (9-12 yrs. old) & Teen/Senior (13-19 yrs. old) will be tabulated. During the final awards, the one studio with the highest point total from the combined Petite/Junior age division and the one studio with the highest point total from the combined Teen/Senior age division will be crowned The Jr. Legacy Award winner and The Sr. Legacy Award winner. In the event of a tie, Legacy will add in succession, each studios next highest scoring group entry until the tie is broken. The Legacy Award winners will receive a beautiful trophy and if entry criteria are met, the teacher/studio director will also receive a gift certificate from Legacy in an amount ranging from $500.00 - $1,500.00 (see cash prize chart). This is our way of saying Thank You for your overall Commitment to Excellence in Dance!


At Legacy, we believe that continuing education from the industries top teachers and choreographers are crucial for both growth and personal achievement in the field of dance. Due to this belief, Legacy will be awarding scholarships to the prestigious Broadway Dance Center in NYC, NYCDA Conventions, The Hollywood Summer Tour, & NOW LEGACY DANCE CONVENTIONS at each Regional event!! Just our way of showing you support for showing us support.

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Special Awards

Choreography Awards: The judge's panel will select one routine from our 12 & Under segment of competition and one routine from our 13 & Over segment of competition, which best represents overall excellence in choreography. The chorographer of these routines, or their representative, will be asked to come on stage and receive a plaque and recognition for their accomplishment.

Sportsmanship Award: The Legacy backstage staff will choose the one studio that best displays overall courtesy and support to all of their fellow competitors. This studio will be presented with the: Legacy Sportsmanship Award

Cash Prize Disbursement

 Vouchers will be presented to the Studio Directors for all their prize money earnings after the events final award segment. Vouchers must be mailed to the Legacy office for redemption. Vouchers will not be mailed after the event - please be present to receive your vouchers.

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Regional Event Schedule

 An event schedule will be provided for studios 6 days prior to the first day of competition for each regional event. This will be sent via e-mail. Please be sure to supply us with an active email address. All entries must be prepared to perform up to one hour in advance of their scheduled performance time. Legacy will never start an event before 8am or end an event later then 10pm on a Sunday. Unless otherwise approved by the Legacy Director(s), should an entry not perform in the order of appearance, as listed in the Legacy program, there will be a 1/2 (.5) of one point deduction from the entries total score. This rule will be strictly adhered to and frequent offenders risk further point deductions, as well as possible disqualification. In all cases, routines must be performed during the awards session in which they are scheduled. If for any reason, the routine cannot perform prior to or during the awards session in which they are scheduled, it will be performed for adjudication only. The routine would not be eligible for any overall awards; however, its score may still be used in determining our Legacy Award (if not already presented) and to qualify for National Finals.

Music: We gladly accept CD’s. Ipods are also accepted, however, music on CD’s are preferred by Legacy. We do not accept Music on flash drives, USB keys, or by email. Turn in your music to our MC at the sound table, which will be located in front of the stage. Music should be turned in at least 1 hour prior to your performance. Music should be turned in clearly marked with the proper song/routine title, entry # & studio name. If you wish, you may turn in your music for the entire day, however, please make sure it is in proper performance order. Music may be picked up after your performance; however, all music must be picked up at the end of each day. Legacy will not be held responsible for lost music and will not mail music back to competing studios. Please, have a back up CD ready if necessary. Ipods are welcome, but once again, please have your music in a properly ordered & titled playlist with a 2 second lead in for each song. You must also provide us with a charger. We suggest you bring a CD to back up your Ipod.

The following information is required to be clearly labeled on all music:
Studio Name, Routine Name & the Entry Number assigned by Legacy.

IMPORTANT: CD's should be new, free of scratches and in a CD case. IPODS are welcome, but need to be properly functioning & fully charged with music play listed, titled & ordered correctly!!

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Other Important Rules, Disclaimers & Guidelines

For the protection of choreography, video taping of any performance (with any recording device) is strictly prohibited. Legacy will extend one warning, after that, violators will be asked to leave the performance area. Failure to comply with this rule may result in studio disqualification. This will be strictly adhered to.

Personal/Professional Photographers representing any studio is not permitted. Parents are only permitted to take pictures of their children when our Professional Photographer is not present, however flash photography is never permitted for the safety of all dancers. Legacy will extend one warning, after that, violators will be asked to leave the performance area. Failure to comply with this rule may result in studio disqualification. This will be strictly adhered to.

Fire, swords and knives on stage are prohibited. Simulated weapons with dull, safe edges are acceptable. Props are allowed, however they must be freestanding.


Please contact our National Headquarters if you need further clarification of prop guidelines. Props must be essential to the act and must be carried on & off stage by the performer or your own staff (instructor, parent, coach, etc.). The placement of props, mats, etc., must be completed within 1 minute. The timing of the act will begin after the 1-minute prep time. Performers must be prepared to completely clear the stage in the event of any loose items. ABSOLUTELY NO ITEMS MAY BE THROWN OR SHOT OFF THE FRONT OF THE STAGE. Scenery or backdrops requiring the use of theater fly bars, or special theater lighting may not be used. Helium balloons are not permitted. Special fog or smoke is not permitted. Safety is always a major concern. If the stage is "littered" during a routine please be prepared to clean it up immediately after the routine is finished. Failure to do so will result in a 1-point deduction from your total score.

If dance movements, lyrics, or costuming are deemed to be offensive, too suggestive, or otherwise age inappropriate for our family audience, it will be scored lower at the discretion of the judges. Offensive lyrics, overly sexual or extremely violent content is not acceptable on the Legacy stage.

Score Sheets, critique CD’s & all performance music must be picked up at the event. They will not be available for mailing afterward.

Contestants and teachers, by virtue of entering a Legacy Event, give their permission and consent to the directors of Legacy to use their images, photographs & videos to appear on television, or any other electronic media for advertising, news coverage or any other commercial use of our events.

Any performer competing in a dance competition takes certain inherent risks. These include, but are not limited to sprains, bruises, pulled muscles, and broken bones. Participation in this competition indicates the acceptance of such risks by performers. Therefore by virtue of entering this event, it is agreed that participants will not hold Legacy National Dance Championships, LLC® its officers, directors, officials, staff or employees responsible for injuries sustained or illnesses contracted by them while in attendance and/or participating in any activity related to a Legacy Competition. Legacy National Dance Championships® and the hosting facility are not responsible for personal injury or property loss to either contestants or spectators.

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